Piluca Querol

Piluca Querol

Director of Andalucía Film CommissionShe has been a member of the Board of Directors of the European Film Commission Network and the Spain Film Commission. and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Andalusian Film Academy.

She has been technical director of the Seville European Film Festival for five years. Show coordinator at Port Aventura for three years working with the companies of artists and dancers from Mexico, China and Polynesia, as well as with the team of Els Comediants. During the 1992 Expo held in Seville, he was assistant director of Descubriteca belonging to the State Society and assistant show producer of the Lake belonging to the CAE (Centro de Apoyo al Espectáculo).

Accredited as
film commissioner
by the
Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) and training internship at the Comisión Filmica de México in 1999.
in 1999.

He has worked on projects and shoots, including the following: The Crown, Assassin’s Creed, Game of Thrones T5; The Rythm Section by Reed Morano; Exodus: Gods and Kings by Ridley Scott; Memories of the Alhambra by Ahn Gil-Ho, Bull by Kike Maillo; Alatriste by Agustín Díaz Yanes; The kingdom of heaven by Ridley Scott; StarWars: Episode II. Attack of the clones of George Lucas;
Talk to Her
by Pedro Almodóvar;
James Bond: Die Another Day
by Lee Tamahori or
by Vicente Aranda.

He has given conferences and seminars in different forums, markets and festivals in Spain and in different countries: Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, USA, Italy, England and Germany.

She is co-author, together with Carlos Rosado, of the book
Cinema and Tourism: A New Promotion Strategy
(2006). Translated into English, presented at the Marché du Film in Cannes. Two editions.

She has collaborated in different international publications (Variety, Screen International, Kemps, The Hollywood Reporter, AFCI News Releases and in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain, Editorial Coordinator of the I Andalusian Audiovisual Guide, Film and Television Production (2002), I Production Guide of Spain FC, ICEX, EGEDA and FAPAE (2003), Manual of Good Filming Practices, AFC 2005/2010 and the Rutas de cine: Alatriste, El camino de los ingleses, El corazón de la tierra, Entrelobos, Isla Mínima, Sergio Leone Trilogy. All these routes and coordination of the project can be visited at Andalusia Film Destination

He has participated in the organization of Andalucía Film Commission’s attendance to the main international film festivals: Berlinale, Marche du Film Cannes, American Film Market, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Focus London, Ischia Film Festival.

He has participated as a jury member in many festivals and in project selection committees of the Diputación de Málaga in three editions and with Filmand in the Mallorca Talents Lab, Atlantida 2020.

As director, the Andalucía Film Commission has received the following national and international distinctions for its work in promoting Andalusia.

Award for the Work for the Dissemination of Cinema in Andalusia ASECAN Awards 2017 ‘Excellence in management’ Tourism Awards 2015. (Department of Tourism of the Regional Government of Andalusia); Stories of Light Awards (2014), Ideas with Soul Award: Andalucía Film Commissionfor his contribution to the international projection of Andalusia from the audiovisual sector: Association of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Freelancers of Osuna (2014), Award to AFC for its work in the diffusion of Osuna; XIX ASECAN Awards (2002), Best work for the diffusion of cinema in Andalusia; Borsa Internationale del Cine Turismo of Ischia in Italy (2006), awarded the book, Cinema and tourism, a new promotion strategywritten by Carlos Rosado and Piluca Querol; II Spain Film Commission Award (2006), The legend of time, by Isaki Lacuesta; III Spain Film Commission Award (2007), Alatriste by director Agustín Díaz Yanes; Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), Best International Commercial 1999.

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