Television milestones Cuéntame and La que se avecina, South Series highlights

Television milestones Cuéntame and La que se avecina, South Series highlights

María Galiana, Petra Martínez, Raúl Peña and Luis Merlo will introduce the novelties of the upcoming seasons.

Journalist Lydia Cacho and Israel del Santo will also present their latest works in the Jewels section.

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Two of the series that have marked the recent history of television will converge in the next edition of South International Series Festival that will open next Friday in Cadiz. Introduced by their respective casts,
Tell me
La que se avecina
will advance the plots that will be developed in their next seasons.

On Saturday, October 7, it will be the turn of
La que se avecina
. Its creators, Laura and Alberto Caballero, accompanied by Luis Merlo, Petra Martinez and Raúl Peña, will participate in Cadiz in a debate in which they will explain the news of the residents of Mirador de Montepinar, who, after the unjust expropriation of their homes, will start a new life in the heart of the city, in Contubernio 49. Neighborhood conflicts, romances, family problems and all kinds of vicissitudes will be the backbone of the entertaining plots of the thirteenth season and its protagonists will give an account of it to the Cadiz audience.

For its part, on Wednesday 11,
Tell me how it happened
will do the same in a meeting in which its creator, Óscar Aibar, will talk with one of the actresses who are part of the cast of the longest-running series on television, María Galiana. In this special event, the public will learn about its new and final season, the most moving and intense one, which will put the finishing touch to a 22-year trajectory in the primetime of Spanish fiction.

Both events are scheduled at 1:00 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Palacio de Congresos, the Festival’s headquarters, and admission is free until full capacity is reached.

Series previews

South Series will also host previews of series that are in the process of filming, such as the second season of
The Immortal
the series created by José Manuel Lorenzo about cocaine trafficking and its distribution in Madrid nightclubs in the 90s. Its protagonists, Álex García and Teresa Riott will be in charge of introducing the season’s novelties. This event will take place on Monday, October 9, when it will also be presented in this format. In search of Cortésa docuseries that takes a look at the life trajectory of Sevillian cinematographer Teo Escamilla through his unfinished project on Hernán Cortés. It stars his grandson, actor Itzan Escamilla, who will be in charge of telling the news of the project.

The following day, Tuesday 10, two new series will be presented in the South Series in this format. It is about El Marquésa new Mediaset España fiction created by Ignacio del Moral and Begoña Álvarez, is inspired by the quintuple murder perpetrated in the Sevillian town of Paradas in July 1975, known as the crime of Los Galindos. The series, which will feature the Andalusian actor Paco Tous as the protagonist, investigates the circumstances in which the events took place, prescribed for justice in 1995 and never fully clarified. On the same day, the following will be presented
a docuseries starring 12 men and women from different professional backgrounds who travel through Spain and discover to the viewer a world full of enigmas, treasures and mysteries, inviting us to accompany them to the heart of the adventure.

On the last day of the Festival, Thursday 12, the Andalusian production series for RTVE
Operation English Neighborhood
will be presented at the South Series. Spies, Nazis, British and a risky love story set in Huelva in 1940, a city where the conflicts of the Second World War are reproduced on a smaller scale, are the ingredients of this project, which has been filmed entirely in different locations in Andalusia. The main actors Aria Bedmar, Peter Vives, Rubén Cortada and Paco Tous; Gonzalo Crespo, CEO of the Andalusian production company Emociona Media and showrunner of the series and Héctor Bertrand, Art Director of this ambitious project, will participate in the Auditorium of the Palacio de Congresos de Cádiz.

More series in Panorama

On the other hand, Cadiz will be the place chosen by the distributors of
Atlántica, The Discovery of Atlantis
a U.S.-U.K. co-production that follows seven years of research to find the exact location of Atlantis. Meticulous scientific work, more than forty dives and a series of exhaustive underwater scans succeeded in locating the city Plato spoke of in his texts. It is produced by Ingenio Films and Merlin Burrows.

Also, this year South Series pays special attention to Africa, and among the special screenings programmed in the Panorama section are the following
(Nigeria), a drama filmed in Yoruba, tells the story of two friends, an aging high school teacher and a car mechanic, who get money in a mysterious way. The Cadiz public will be able to discover a new window to the African continent while, for the industry, a business opportunity opens up with a thriving audiovisual industry with which it will be possible to interact during the industry days.

Two Spanish series complete this section: they are
The Purple Net
Atresmedia’s new original series directed by Paco Cabezas, which adapts the second novel of the same name in the Carmen Mola saga. It is produced by Paramount Television International Studios, with the participation of Atresmedia Televisión, and in collaboration with Diagonal (Banijay Iberia). And from the second season of To be or not to bewhich continues to bet on a luminous and naturalistic treatment when it comes to portraying the diverse realities of young adolescents in this new installment. South Series premieres exclusively the first two chapters of its second season after being awarded at the Prix Italia 2022, awarded with the ODA to the best Spanish fiction of the year and nominated for the GLAAD. It is a Playz Original in collaboration with Bing Bang Media (The Mediapro Studios) starring Ander Puig. Puig himself will be present along with his partner Julia Gibert and the creator and screenwriter Coral Cruz.


South Series will give a second chance to series unknown to the general public, which have already been released and deserve to be watched closely. Thinking of the seriéfilo public, the Palacio de Congresos in Cádiz will be showing a replay of an episode of Halt and catch fire (United States) technology drama that chronicles the birth of the computer and Internet era in the 1980s, a time of cultural, social and economic change. It will also be possible to see Lola (Spain), the “definitive portrait of the life of an unforgettable artist’. The Spanish docuseries reviews the career and life of Lola Flores through 44 interviews with family members, friends, journalists, researchers and current artists.

Peace peace now now
(Chile), a docuseries that tells stories about brave and determined women who faced armed conflicts in Colombia, Chile, Guatemala and Mexico, will screen the fourth episode, directed by Isabel Coixet, with journalist Lydia Cacho as guest in Cádiz. The first episode of
Esterno notte
(Italy), a biopic about the politician Aldo Moro, leader of the Christian Democrats, his kidnapping and assassination in Italy in the late 1970s.

From closer latitudes,
(Portugal) delves into various police investigations led by a nihilistic judicial police inspector that are complicated by the serious economic and social crisis in which the Portuguese country is immersed. And, as a closing of this section,
The Bear
(United States), a dramatic comedy that received 13 Emmy Award nominations in its first season and has just released its second season.

Tickets on sale now

Tickets for series screened in the Official Fiction and Panorama sections -except for
To be or not to be
– are priced at 4 euros. Access to the Official Non-Fiction, Jewels, Previews, Special Passes and In the South sections are free of charge until full capacity is reached, with prior reservation on the festival’s website. Unemployed persons, retired persons and students will have free admission, which can be requested at the festival’s ticket offices. In order to purchase tickets, they must present documentation proving their personal situation and they will only be allowed to request one ticket per session. All tickets can be booked through the festival website at https://southfestival.janto.es/.

Since October 3, the physical box office is located in the Palacio de Congresos of the capital of Cadiz, which will be open from 10:30 to 14:30 and from 16:30 to 20:30 hours. Only unemployed persons, retired persons and students (university, higher education and professional schools) may apply for tickets at this physical ticket office, provided they can duly prove their status.

South International Series Festival is a private initiative sponsored by the Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deporte de la Junta de Andalucía, co-financed with European funds, Ayuntamiento de Cádiz, Diputación de Cádiz, and the participation of Mediaset España as main media sponsor. Also collaborating in this first edition are Movistar Plus+, Spain Film Commission, Fundación SGAE, Fundación Bancaria Unicaja and Canal Sur.

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