Mimi Bartels

Mimi Bartels

General Manager of FilmOne Studios, one of the largest premium film production companies in West Africa.

Mimi has produced, supervised, consulted on several Nigerian movies and has worked on over 30 co-productions which have mostly been commercially successful including the current highest grossing film of all time in West Africa, Battle On Buka Street; she has Producer/Co-Executive Producer/Supervising Producer credit in over 25 films.

She was previously FilmOne Entertainment’s Head of Production and Head of Accounts for Nollywood, South Africa’s Empire Entertainment & Independent films. FilmOne Entertainment is home to Warner Bros, Disney, Sony, 20th Century FOX, Empire Entertainment in West Africa and premium Nollywood content including King of Thieves, Sugar Rush, King of Boys 1, The Wedding Party 1 & 2, and more.

Before joining FilmOne Entertainment, Mimi worked for the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) under New Media. In 2021, Mimi Bartels was listed as top Cinema Film Producer, Variety Magazine’s “Women That Have Made an Impact in Global Entertainment,” and celebrated by Golden Globes Awards.

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