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Miguel Villanueva

Miguel Villanueva is the Film Commissioner of the Castilla-La Mancha Film Commission, Spain, where he coordinates communications and needs between the film industry and the public or private sector, including promotion, advice and permits.

He has worked for more than 10 years in Film Commissions in Mexico and Spain for all kinds of productions and formats including blockbusters such as ‘Terminator 6’, national films such as ‘Mientras dure la guerra’, TV shows such as ‘La casa de papel’, HBO ’30 monedas’, ’30 monedas’, ‘The English’, ‘La casa de papel’, ‘La casa de papel’, ’30 monedas’, ’30 monedas’, ’30 monedas’, ’30 monedas’ and ’30 monedas’. ‘The English’. and various other film, advertising and media projects from the initial planning and planning stage through development. Mike helps film production companies to gather all the information they need to execute their project in the most efficient way in Castilla-La Mancha.

Rocio Sepulveda

Graduated in film and TV scriptwriting at La factoría del guión in Madrid. With more than 15 short films distributed and awarded by several national festivals. The last one, “Yogurt”, in the official Malaga section of the Malaga Festival 2023.

Scriptwriter of the documentary “Y el verbo se hizo Cádiz” and editor of the second season of “Entre Compadres”, both for RTVA.

Selected with her fiction series BARRIO ASUNCIÓN in the III call of Cima Impulsa and Netflix and in I Generamma Fest. Series produced by Magnetika Films.

Co-writer of the fiction series “The Rock” selected in Dama ayuda 2021.

Selected in Europa Creative Media for the short film Querida Letizia, produced by Pecado Films and with the support of the Malaga Film Festival 2021. He is currently working on the development of the script for his first feature film, TREMENDAS, with Pecado Films. Awarded with the Excellent Screenplay seal by Filmarket Hub

Angels Reiné

Director trained at the London Film School with over 25 years of international experience in advertising, film and TV series.

He began his career in advertising and debuted on TV directing the series “Dr. Mateo” for Antena 3.

His first feature film “Salir del Ropero” premiered at the Seminci 2019, the second “Héroes de Barrio”, at the Malaga Festival 2022 and became the highest grossing Andalusian film of the year.

He is currently collaborating with Bixagu entertainment, with a movie script “No Estamos Solos” to be filmed in 2024 and with a tv series “Tinta Urbana”.

Ana Graciani

Playwright, screenwriter and director. As a screenwriter, she wrote the feature films Para toda la muerte, El mundo es suyo (co-screenwriter) and La Boda, where she debuted as a director. She has also participated in TV movies, such as La Rueda, La Soledad del triunfo or Ciudadano Villanueva; and TV series such as Perdóname Señor or Entreolivos, where she was also script coordinator. He has written the screenplays for the documentaries, Elio (about Antonio de Nebrija), and Sembrando Sueños (about the Álvarez Quintero brothers). He also writes and directs short films, such as Where are the keys or Pompita. As a playwright and/or director, she has premiered and/or published more than 15 plays, among them El día del padre, El asesino de la regañá, Compadres para siempre, La ventana abierta, La carta perdida, A que voy yo y lo encuentro or Patente de Corso, adaptation of texts by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. She has several awards as a playwright.

She has been President of the SGAE Foundation. She is currently Institutional Director of Performing Arts and a member of the Board of Directors of SGAE. She is a founding member of the ACADEMIA DE CINE DE ANDALUCÍA, as well as the association CIMA, Andalusian screenwriters, directors and directors.

Chiqui Carabante

playwright and filmmaker born in Malaga in 1967. He studied acting and directing at the Instituto de Teatro de Sevilla, the Ecole Philippe Gaulier in London, the Royal Court Theater and the New York Film Academy. With his first two short films Los Díaz felices and Bailongas he won more than forty awards at national and international festivals (including the Fotogramas and Gijón Festival awards).

His first feature film, Carlos contra el mundo, premiered at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. This film received more than a dozen awards, including Best Film and Best Screenplay at the Festival de Óperas Primas de Lorca. In 2009 he created the production company Divina Mecánica, with which he made 12+1, a metaphysical comedy, his second feature film, awarded Best Film and Best Director at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival in the ZonaZine section.

In 2023 his third feature film as director, La fortaleza, a black comedy participated by SkyShowtime and Canal Sur and premiered at the Seville Festival, after which he has participated in competitions such as the Malaga Festival or the Tarazona y el Moncayo Comedy Film Festival, winning the Best Film Award at the Zamora Festival.

He has made music videos for Warner Chappell Music or Javier Corcobado. He has directed episodes of the series Malaka and El ministerio del tiempo for TVE. Also for A3 the series Honor or this year Operation English Neighborhood. He continues to develop his work as a playwright and director with his own company, Club Caníbal.

IMDB link: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0135824/



As a director:
OPERATION ENGLISH NEIGHBORHOOD (TV Series) (4 episodes) (2023)
HONOR (TV Series) (5 episodes) (2023)
THE MINISTRY OF TIME (TV Series) (2 episodes) (2020)
MALAKA (TV Series) (3 episodes) (2019)
A HOUSE IN THE FIELD (Short Film) (2017)
NORMAL (Short Film) (2017)
BAILONGAS (Short Film) (2001)
DIMINUTOS DEL CALVARIO (Collective feature film) (segment “WAIKIKI”) (2001)
LOS DIAZ FELICES (Short Film) (2001)

As a screenwriter:
A HOUSE IN THE FIELD (Short Film) (2017)
NORMAL (Short Film) (2017)
BAILONGAS (Short Film) (2001)
LOS DIAZ FELICES (Short Film) (2001)

Piluca Querol

Director of Andalucía Film CommissionShe has been a member of the Board of Directors of the European Film Commission Network and the Spain Film Commission. and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Andalusian Film Academy.

She has been technical director of the Seville European Film Festival for five years. Show coordinator at Port Aventura for three years working with the companies of artists and dancers from Mexico, China and Polynesia, as well as with the team of Els Comediants. During the 1992 Expo held in Seville, he was assistant director of Descubriteca belonging to the State Society and assistant show producer of the Lake belonging to the CAE (Centro de Apoyo al Espectáculo).

Accredited as
film commissioner
by the
Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) and training internship at the Comisión Filmica de México in 1999.
in 1999.

He has worked on projects and shoots, including the following: The Crown, Assassin’s Creed, Game of Thrones T5; The Rythm Section by Reed Morano; Exodus: Gods and Kings by Ridley Scott; Memories of the Alhambra by Ahn Gil-Ho, Bull by Kike Maillo; Alatriste by Agustín Díaz Yanes; The kingdom of heaven by Ridley Scott; StarWars: Episode II. Attack of the clones of George Lucas;
Talk to Her
by Pedro Almodóvar;
James Bond: Die Another Day
by Lee Tamahori or
by Vicente Aranda.

He has given conferences and seminars in different forums, markets and festivals in Spain and in different countries: Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, USA, Italy, England and Germany.

She is co-author, together with Carlos Rosado, of the book
Cinema and Tourism: A New Promotion Strategy
(2006). Translated into English, presented at the Marché du Film in Cannes. Two editions.

She has collaborated in different international publications (Variety, Screen International, Kemps, The Hollywood Reporter, AFCI News Releases and in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain, Editorial Coordinator of the I Andalusian Audiovisual Guide, Film and Television Production (2002), I Production Guide of Spain FC, ICEX, EGEDA and FAPAE (2003), Manual of Good Filming Practices, AFC 2005/2010 and the Rutas de cine: Alatriste, El camino de los ingleses, El corazón de la tierra, Entrelobos, Isla Mínima, Sergio Leone Trilogy. All these routes and coordination of the project can be visited at Andalusia Film Destination

He has participated in the organization of Andalucía Film Commission’s attendance to the main international film festivals: Berlinale, Marche du Film Cannes, American Film Market, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Focus London, Ischia Film Festival.

He has participated as a jury member in many festivals and in project selection committees of the Diputación de Málaga in three editions and with Filmand in the Mallorca Talents Lab, Atlantida 2020.

As director, the Andalucía Film Commission has received the following national and international distinctions for its work in promoting Andalusia.

Award for the Work for the Dissemination of Cinema in Andalusia ASECAN Awards 2017 ‘Excellence in management’ Tourism Awards 2015. (Department of Tourism of the Regional Government of Andalusia); Stories of Light Awards (2014), Ideas with Soul Award: Andalucía Film Commissionfor his contribution to the international projection of Andalusia from the audiovisual sector: Association of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Freelancers of Osuna (2014), Award to AFC for its work in the diffusion of Osuna; XIX ASECAN Awards (2002), Best work for the diffusion of cinema in Andalusia; Borsa Internationale del Cine Turismo of Ischia in Italy (2006), awarded the book, Cinema and tourism, a new promotion strategywritten by Carlos Rosado and Piluca Querol; II Spain Film Commission Award (2006), The legend of time, by Isaki Lacuesta; III Spain Film Commission Award (2007), Alatriste by director Agustín Díaz Yanes; Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), Best International Commercial 1999.

Virginia Yagüe

Virginia Yagüe has an extensive professional career as creator and screenwriter of television series in Spain such as “La Señora” and “14 de Abril: La República”, “Amar en Tiempos Revueltos” (TP de Oro a la mejor Telenovela 2012, Premio Ondas 2008 and Silver Medal for Best Drama Series at the New York Festival 2007), the tv movie “Prim, el asesinato de la Calle del Turco” (Silver Globe at the World Media Festival in Hamburg and Gold Medal Best TV Movie at NY International Festival 2015) and “Amar es Para Siempre” (Alma Award for Best Daily Series 2019 and 2022). Among his latest works as a screenwriter is the miniseries “Invisible” for Diney+ and his participation in the series “Operación Barrio Inglés” for TVE, both of which are soon to be released.

In cinema, she won the Golden Biznaga at the Malaga Film Festival 2012 for the screenplay of the feature film “Els Nens Salvatges”, her third film after “Para que no me olvides” and her participation in the group films “En el mundo, a cada rato”, “Ellas son África” and “El tren de la libertad”. He is currently shooting the script for his latest feature film, entitled “Nosotros”.

Since June 2022, she has been president of DAMA (Gestión de Derechos de Medios Audiovisuales) and a member of the board of directors of the Film Academy in the specialty of screenwriting. He is a member of the Advisory Board of EWC (European Writers Club) and Board of Patrons in SAA (Society of Audiovisual Authors).

He combines his professional work with teaching work with specialized masterclasses in narrative and screenwriting technique in different schools, universities and screenwriting laboratories and has published several novels including “El Marqués” (Ed. Temas de hoy) and “La última princesa del pacífico” (Ed. Planeta).

Diego Moldes

Diego Moldes González (Pontevedra, 1977) is a writer in Spanish, in its three aspects, essayist, poet and novelist. He has worked as a communications and marketing professional, web editor, publicist, film critic and historian. He holds a PhD in Information Sciences (Audiovisual Communication) from Universidad Complutense, a degree in Advertising and Public Relations (Universidad de Vigo) and a Master on Publishing from Oxford Brookes University. His Doctoral Thesis obtained an outstanding cum laude unanimously (2010) and his Thesis obtained an Honors Degree (2001).

He started in June 2000 as a scriptwriter and television presenter in Galicia (TVG), and three years later he turned to marketing and communication in El Corte Inglés, advertising and digital content, in the areas of culture: books, cinema and television series, music, comics…

To date he has published thirteen books (8 essays, 1 novel, 1 collection of poems, 1 mixed volume of narrative, essays and poetry, and even 2 books on basketball), including Ensoñación, his first published novel, with an epilogue by the novelist Milagros Frías, and cultural essays such as La huella de Vértigo (2004), Roman Polanski. The fantasy of the tormented (2005), European cinema. The great films (2008), The manuscript found in Zaragoza. Jan Potocki’s novel adapted to film by Wojciech Jerzy Has (2009), Alejandro Jodorowsky (2012), monographic book, with a prologue by Jodorowsky himself and Venuspasión (2014), with a prologue by Luis Alberto de Cuenca. In 2009 he wrote two basketball books for Real Madrid.

He is also the author of several screenplays, twenty-one librettos for DVD and Blu-ray editions of well-known films, and co-author of 42 collective books, mostly on the History of Cinema, including History of Cinema in Films, 1970-1979 , The Universe of Billy Wilder, The Universe of Orson Welles or PascALEjandro (in English and French).

As an editor, his work on Un imperio propio stands out. How the Jews Invented Hollywood, by Neal Gabler, in which Moldes writes the introduction, appendix, additional bibliography, notes and edition, with a foreword by Román Gubern.

His intellectual work has been praised by filmmakers Roman Polanski and José Luis Garci, multidisciplinary artist Alejandro Jodorowsky, the former director of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), Darío Villanueva, film historians Román Gubern and José Luis Sánchez Noriega, writers César Antonio Molina and Ramón Pernas, journalist Manuel Jabois and philosopher Eugenio Trías, among other cultural personalities. As an article writer, critic or commentator, he has collaborated in press, radio, television and digital media, with hundreds of texts. He has lived in Pontevedra, Santiago de Compostela, Lisbon and, since 2004, in Madrid.

In relation to the Jewish world, he has collaborated with Centro Sefarad-Israel (an organization dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and with Raíces: Revista judía de cultura. He is currently the President of the NGO Fania Association, a group with cultural purposes and the fight against anti-Semitism created in 2015 and of which he is co-founder together with film producer Jesús Ulled Nadal and engineer and digital marketing expert José Antonio Redondo Martín. From 2016 to 2019, he served as General Director of the Hispano-Jewish Foundation.

Since 2015/16 he has been a professor at the Antonio de Nebrija University, where he has taught the subjects Film and Literature, Media History and Marketing-Distribution and Marketing Channels.

Since March 2019, he has been working as Director of Institutional Relations at Fundación Nebrija (Nebrija University).

In July 2018 he published his book and first collection of poems, Ni un día sin poesía.

On November 19, 2019 he published When Einstein Met Kafka. Jewish contributions to the modern world at Galaxia Gutenberg Publishers.

In June 2022 he published his twelfth book, In the Belly of the Whale. Essay on culture, with positive reviews in more than twenty newspapers, cultural supplements and magazines, among them, El País, El mundo, La vanguardia, 20 Minutos, ABC, etc. Thirty-eight international personalities from the world of culture collaborated on the book.

In January 2023 Moldes published in Barcelona his thirteenth book Antonio de Nebrija y su origen judeoconverso, with a prologue by the historian, Latinist and member of the RAE, Juan Gil Fernández.

He has been married to Angelina Serantes Vilar (Pontevedra, 1977) since July 2010 and they have two sons, Mauro, born in Madrid on April 27, 2017, and Bosco, born in Madrid on September 22, 2018.

Conchi Cascajosa

Concepción Cascajosa Virino is Professor of Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where she is currently director of the Department of Communication and member of its Governing Council. He has two six-year research awards and the Excellence Award from the UC3M Social Council. She has also been director of the Master’s Degree in Film and TV Scriptwriting and vice-dean of the Journalism and Audiovisual Communication Department. She is the author or editor of ten books, including “Historia de televisión” and “Análisis de la ficción televisiva española”, and a hundred academic publications. Contributor to media such as El País, Fotogramas and Serielizados. Since 2021, she has been a member of the Board of Directors of Corporación RTVE and president of its Equality Observatory.

Gastón Duprat

Director, screenwriter and producer, he is one of the most innovative and prestigious authors in Latin America. He has participated with his works in the most important film festivals in the world, such as Venice, Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, San Sebastian and Sundance, where he has won numerous awards and recognitions. He has co-directed ten films with Mariano Cohn, including the successful “El hombre de al lado”, starring Daniel Aráoz; “El Ciudadano Ilustre”, starring Oscar Martínez; “Mi Obra Maestra”, starring Guillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni; “4×4”, starring Peter Lanzani; and the latest, “Competencia Oficial”, starring Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas. He has also created and directed fifteen series, the latest being “El Encargado” starring Guillermo Francella and an Emmy nominee, and “Nada”, starring Luis Brandoni and Robert De Niro, to be released in mid-November of this year. Next year they will premiere the series “Bellas Artes”, with Oscar Martínez, Imanol Arias, Ángela Molina, José Sacristán, Milena Smit and Dani Rovira. They are the producers of “Locked”, an American remake of their film “4×4”, starring Bill Skarsgård and Anthony Hopkins, to shoot at the end of the year in Los Angeles.

Ana Alonso

Ana Alonso is a professional who has been working in the world of communication and marketing for more than twenty years. With a degree in Information Sciences from the UAB, she complemented her studies with a Master’s degree in Marketing Strategies and Online Marketing applied to tourism from the CETT-UB university school. He currently has his own communications consultancy, from which he has taken charge of the Spain Screen Grand Tour project of the Spain Film Commission.

From his company, Soulcom 360, he is committed to offering services to promote sustainable communication, based on solid strategies and values. Its challenge is to have a positive impact not only on the clients it works for, but also on the sectors in which they operate. He specializes in projects linked to territorial development, especially those related to tourism.

Previously, Ana was Director of Communications and Institutional Relations at EscapadaRural.com, where she launched successful projects such as the Rural Tourism Capital, the Coetur Congress and the Rural Tourism Observatory.


Jelen Morales

Although he graduated from UCM with a degree in Sociology, he ended up choosing to become a screenwriter. A profession to which he has been dedicated for two decades.

He has written emblematic series such as 7 vidas, Aída, Cámera Café, Con el culo al Aire, or El embarcadero, among others. He has developed fiction projects for Disney Channel, Endemol Shine Iberia, Paramount Comedy, Disney ABC Television Group, Vancouver Media or Mediapro. He has co-written several theatrical comedies. The last one: La madre que me parió, has been running for seven seasons.

In 2018 she participates as a guest at the IV edition Princesas y DarthVaders, held annually at La Casa Encendida in Madrid. And that same year he collaborates with his own section, Bien de Wasabi, in the Madrid radio station M21, where he analyzes reality from a comic perspective.

In 2019 he co-scripted his first feature film, a rural comedy entitled La pequeña Suiza, for Nadie es perfecto Films and TVE. In 2020 he co-wrote Reyes vs. Santa for Morena Films. That same year he co-wrote with Álex de la Iglesia, Mandrágora, a fantasy adventure set in the 17th century, for Pokeepsie Films.

At the same time, he teaches tutorials and film writing courses, and at the same time he nurtures his vocation for training by conducting seminars with Isaki LaCuesta, Pedro Costa and Víctor Erice.

In 2021 she is one of the 20 selected for the III Edition of the Film Academy Residencies with the documentary project, (LA) vista desde aquí, which will be her first film as a director.

She is currently immersed in the development of a fiction pilot, and the writing of a horror feature film, for Pokeepsie Films.

Maria Bestard

María Bestar is a director, screenwriter, actress, singer and composer.

After a successful 15-year career in the music industry where she released three albums with Sony Music and sold hundreds of thousands of albums in Latin America, Maria ventures into the world of film and television as a writer, director and actress.

She graduated from the ARS MEDIA screenwriting school with the best in Spain, in New York, she attended the Film Directing workshop with Solar Productions and in Miami she trained as an actress under the guidance of María Banda at Area Stage Company.

In recent years, she has worked with Televisión Española, Telemundo, Televisa, NBC Studios and Netflix as an actress and developing several fiction series, including “No te puedes esconder” winner of Best Series of the Year at the New York Film Festival . He recently co-wrote the series “Pirates of Arabia” for the Saudi production company Hakawatti.

After starring in “La Noche” in 2022. Maria begins work on the pre-production of her debut film, “Encerradas”, to be shot in 2024.

In 2023 she shot her first short film “You’re not crazy” as director, screenwriter and actress, obtaining the support of the United Nations by aligning herself with its 2030 agenda. So far “No estas Loca” has received the Best Director Award at the XX Alicante Film Festival, as well as Official Selection at the XXXV L’Alfas del Pi Film Festival, the VIII Santaella Short Film Festival, the 8th Mostra de Curts de Moscatell and the II Mostra de Cine Social Mirades Fest, the Certamen Internacional de Cine Social in Zaragoza, the Asto International in Greece, and the Coronado Film Festival in San Diego among others.

Osama Al Kurayji

Osama Alkhurayji is the Executive Director of ROAA Media Ventures, a visionary holding company at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s rapidly evolving media and entertainment industry.

He is also an award-winning director, producer, and CEO of Hakawati Entertainment. He began directing and producing films in 2007, and despite the lack of market demand in Saudi Arabia at the time, his works have been awarded both locally and internationally.

Osama later earned a Master’s degree in filmmaking from New York Film Academy in Burbank, California, where he got his Hollywood experience in cinema and TV. Since then, he’s produced content with several regional TV networks, theaters, distributors, and streaming platforms such as SBC, Shahid, MBC, Vox Cinemas and OSN.

Osama is also an active figure in the content sector, having founded and co-founded several leading content and production companies, such as Integrated Production, Qutrob, and Hakawati Entertainment-one of the most prominent startups in visual content production and literary management in Saudi Arabia.

In 2022, Osama created an alliance with Hakawati Entertainment to push boundaries in the types of content created by connecting Hollywood talents and Saudi creatives to foster healthy and competitive opportunities in the film industry.

Redah Al Haidar

Redha Alhaidar is the Chairman of ROAA Media Ventures, a visionary holding company at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s rapidly evolving media and entertainment industry.

He is a seasoned senior executive and board member with depth of experience in management, strategic communication, media, and public policy in Saudi Arabia and globally. An accomplished entrepreneur with excellent leadership and organizational skills, Alhaidar has founded several tech startups, including BitMal, a disruptive social currency and social marketplace.

Prior to establishing ROAA Media Ventures, Alhaidar was the President of the General Commission of Audiovisual Media, Saudi Arabia’s media industry regulatory authority. He also worked at the Capital Market Authority, Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority, and other key government agencies and national committees in the Kingdom.

Alhaidar was also a Board member of Misk Foundation, the non-profit foundation established by H.R.H. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to discover, develop and empower Saudi youth to become active participants in the future economy. He was the former Chairman of Manga Production, an animation house and video games developer and also served as a Board Member of Tihama, an Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing Company.

Alhaidar holds a Master of Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; a Master’s degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University; and Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design & Development from American University.

Ronni Castillo Alcantara

Ronni Castillo is a Dominican director and screenwriter known for his work in the film industry in the Dominican Republic. In addition to directing “¿Quién Manda?” and Cuentas por cobrar, both award-winning projects placed on different streaming platforms.

Presents “Amparo” a serialized project about a Dominican immigration lawyer in Europe, fighting for justice while navigating her own identity as an immigrant and mother. In each episode, he defends new clients, but his personal story intertwines with each case, revealing deep emotional and racial challenges that impact his family.

Oriol Estrada Martos

Oriol Estrada (Barcelona, 1983) is a Catalan filmmaker who has produced most of his work in the Dominican Republic. His work is developed between the frontier of fiction and non-fiction. He graduated in film directing from the prestigious International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV). In 2012 he founded the production company Faula Films with the aim of providing a creative platform for the development and production of independent films in the Dominican Republic. He has co-directed and co-produced with fellow Dominican filmmaker Natalia Cabral, the documentaries “Tu y Yo” (2014), “El Sitio de los Sitios” (2016), and the fictions “Miriam Miente” (2018) and “Una Película Sobre Parejas” (2021).

His work has been selected and awarded in important international festivals such as Locarno, Visions du Réel, Karlovy Vary, IDFA, Malaga, Biarritz, Huelva, Chicago, Hamburg, Gijon, Havana, Guadalajara, among others. It has also been presented at renowned cultural venues such as the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the Cinemateca de Bogotá, the Anthology Film Archives, the Cineteca Madrid and the Filmoteca de Cataluña.

Fabiola Contreras Rosso

Fabiola is an outstanding professional in the entertainment industry with an impressive track record of achievements and recognition. Her versatility as a director, producer and conceptual artist has made her an influential figure in the world of digital creation.

One of the most outstanding milestones in Fabiola’s career is her victory in the “Hack MAFIZ Malaga” for digital creators, an achievement that highlights her creativity and technical skills in the digital realm. In addition, its participation in programs such as “Cima Impulsa”, “Next Lab” and the “X Laboratorio de Desarrollo de Ideas” demonstrates its commitment to constant learning and innovation.

Fabiola has demonstrated her talent on an international level by being part of the second edition of the “Stories by Women” program, which led her to present her work at the prestigious Annecy festival in 2023. His contribution as part of the Dominican delegation to Premios Quirino 2023 and Pixelatl 2022 underscores his ability to make professional connections on a global scale, which is essential in the entertainment industry.

As for her experience in projects, Fabiola has left her mark in several notable productions, such as “Una canción para Lucía” by Fernando Madera, “Todo se Mueve” by Giorgio Siladi, “Helen” by Luitomá and “Natural Harmony” by The mysterious They. His ability to collaborate on diverse creative proposals is a testament to his versatility and artistic prowess.

In addition to her experience in previous projects, Fabiola is committed to her professional growth, as she is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Development and Management of the Entertainment Industry at ANÁHUAC University, Cancun. His determination to continue to expand his knowledge demonstrates his dedication to excellence in the industry.

As an independent artist working on international animation and video game projects, Fabiola is at the forefront of digital creativity. In addition, its ambition to find producers with the right financial backing for its animated series “Nerea” reflects its long-term vision and commitment to producing high-quality content.

Vanessa Saal
Ramon Salazar

He trained as an actor at the ESAD in Malaga and studied screenwriting at the ECAM.

His first short film HONGOS (1999) was widely screened at national and international festivals with public and critical acclaim. Thanks to this, he was able to shoot his debut film PIEDRAS (2002), which competed in the Official Selection at the Berlinale. The film won awards at international festivals such as Stockholm, Ghent, San Francisco; as well as a Goya nomination for the best film of the year.
Best New Director

His second feature film, the musical 20 CENTÍMETROS (2005) won awards in the Official Selection of the Locarno Festival, as well as a wide international premiere in countries such as the United States, France, Italy and Belgium.

In his third film as director and screenwriter 10.000 NOCHES EN NINGUNA PARTE (2013) he starts a creative tandem with actress Susi Sánchez that gets his first Goya nomination.

Her fourth and latest feature film LA ENFERMEDAD DEL DOMINGO (2018) premiered at the Berlinale and New York’s Tribeca Film Festival and actress Susi Sanchez won the Goya for.
Best Actress in a Leading Role
for her work in the film.

As a screenwriter, he has adapted two bestsellers, 3 METERS ABOVE THE SKY (2010) and its sequel TENGO GANAS DE TI (2012), nominated for the Goya for
Best Adapted Screenplay
for both.

In television, he has been the director of the first two seasons of ELITE (2018-2019) for Netflix, as well as the final season of the prison drama VIS A VIS (2019). He has pending release his first international series shot in the UK RED ROSE (2022) produced by the BBC, Eleven Film and Netflix.

Leonardo Padrón

Writer, Film and TV Scriptwriter, Poet, Chronicler. He has written 23 books of different genres. Creator of Pálpito (Netflix), La Mujer del Diablo (Vix). He has written TV stories for Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and the United States for more than 30 years. He resides in Miami.

Gloria Saló

Expert in Formats and International Markets, Creativity and Executive Production. She has been Director of International Markets and Communications, Head of Programs, Head of New Projects, Content Director and Fiction Coordinator. He has worked in networks such as Telecinco and CLMTV and in production companies such as Mandarina, Inspira Content or Stil KommuniKation. She holds a PhD “Cum Laude” in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Complutense, is a professor at the universities Francisco de Vitoria and Carlos III of Madrid, and also teaches Masterclasses and lectures at various universities. Author of several books: ¿Qué es eso del formato? (Gedisa), Diccionario de Teorías Narrativas I y II (Caligrama), El Entretenimiento en España (Laertes), Intermedia (Fragua), among others.

Manolo Cardona

Manolo Cardona is one of the most recognized Latin American film and television actors and producers in the world. With great successes in cinema and television box office.

He studied a degree in Finance and International Relations at the Universidad Externado de Colombia for a period of time, then moved on to study financial administration at the Politécnico Grancolombiano for a few semesters. In 2005, he became co-founder and Executive VP of 11:11 Films & TV, an international film and television production company.

Manolo created the company with the idea of creating quality film and television with an emphasis on the commercial, and with the objective that each of its products have the possibility of recovering the investment and making a profit in at least two markets or territories.

By 2015, the company extends to Mexico and the Dominican Republic where it opens offices in order to reach the international market where they developed series such as La Hermandad ,La Fiscal de Hierro, Rubirosa , Claramente, la negociadora, etc. All of them have been very successful in Latin American markets.


Paco Cordero

Francisco Cordero is a founding partner and CEO of BTF Media, an audiovisual content production company with an original and unconventional vision, nominated for an International Emmy and winner of the Goya Awards.

As CEO of BTF Media, Cordero oversees the core business functions and operations of the management team as well as projects, participating in every step of the process from idea incubation to distribution, from general to executive production. Born in Mexico, Cordero majored in Business Administration with a focus on identifying opportunities, planning, training and executing strategies that translate into business success. As a veteran producer and entrepreneur, Cordero also has extensive knowledge in the areas of Administration and Finance, Marketing and Sales, Public Relations, Optimization and Human Resources.

Its track record has made BTF a valuable player in the fiction and entertainment market, developing solid business relationships with clients such as: Buena Vista International / The Walt Disney Company, Warner Media Company, Amazon Prime, NBCU and Sony Pictures Television; among others.

Passionate about the industry, in 2018 Cordero also co-founded VCS Capital, the first and only equity investment fund in Latin America, which seeks to invest in and develop film and television projects for Spanish-speaking markets.

Cordero lives in Miami, where he manages the company and oversees the production offices.

Other highlights


Max Sanguine

Maximiliano Sanguine has more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.

He worked in the Creative Department of Multimedios America, served as Production Manager at Steinbranding and at Fox Networks Group (now part of The Walt Disney Company) as Executive Director of the Creative and Production areas for almost ten years, leading a regional team with responsibility for a portfolio of 24 channels of all genres: fiction, sports, factual and lifestyle. He then worked as International Development Manager at Pol-Ka for the Latin American market for the biggest players in the industry: Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Turner, Disney and FOX, before being recruited by The Mediapro Studio, the Spanish production company with presence in five continents as Head of Development, one of the largest production houses in Europe.

He has extensive experience in content development, advertising and regional and international promotional campaigns. It specializes in creativity and production of On Air content, branded content and formats for all screens.

He has been an assistant professor of television developments (UBA) for 9 years and has a Master in Design and Communication from the University of Buenos Aires, where he also teaches the annual workshop “technological deconstructions” and has just been invited by the Torcuato Di Tella University (one of the most important private universities in Argentina) to be part of the faculty of the brand new Bachelor in Design.

Web URL:

Carlos Rosado

President of the Spain Film Commission

With an extensive background in audiovisual management, in 1998 he created the Andalucía Film Commission, the most important network of filming promotion offices in Spain, and since 2012 he has chaired the Spain Film Commission and has been General Secretary of RTVA and director of Andalusia for the Lavinia and Vértice 360º groups, among others. He was also a member of the Working Group that prepared the Draft Bill of the Andalusian Audiovisual Council.

Luis Cueto

Luis Cueto. Madrid, 1961.

Law degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and career civil servant with more than 35 years of public service in different ministries (Public Works, Interior, Justice, Labor…). He drafted the statute for public managers during his time at the Ministry of Public Administration.

He has held positions such as director of human resources and budgets at the Instituto Cervantes, head of culture at the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, as well as General Director of the EOI business school,
School of Industrial Organization
of the Ministry of Industry. He has also been Deputy Director General of Business Innovation, standing out for his promotion of R&D&I through tax deductions and for being a pioneer in the launching of Innovative Public Procurement.

He has written numerous articles, given dozens of lectures throughout Spain and is fluent in Spanish, French and English.

During Manuela Carmena’s term as Mayor of Madrid (2015-2019), he was General Coordinator of the Mayor’s Office, head of the technical services of the City Council. During the same period, he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ifema, the Club de Campo and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Madrid Destino, a municipal tourism and cultural action company.

In the following legislature (2019-2023) he served as an opposition councilor in the Madrid City Council.

He currently holds a position as a vocal advisor at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain, where he is responsible for the “Spain Audiovisual Hub” project for the promotion of Spanish audiovisual industries.

He defines himself as an official “of the State”, not “of the Government” of the day.

Eva Leira
Yolanda Serrano
Rafa Cobos

Rafael Cobos is the screenwriter of great successes of contemporary Spanish cinema such as 7 vírgenes, After, Grupo 7, La Isla Mínima, El hombre de las mil caras, Modelo 77, directed by Alberto Rodríguez. He has also been showrunner of the series La peste, has written the episode Supervivencia of the series Apagón and has triumphed with El hijo zurdo, where he debuted as director in his first two episodes, winning the Best Miniseries Award at Canneseries. He won the Goya for Best Screenplay for Isla Mínima and the Carmen del Cine Andaluz Award in the same category for Modelo 77. He is also the author of the screenplays for Ali (Paco R. Baños) and Toro (Kike Maíllo), together with Fernando Navarro.

Alberto Rodriguez

Alberto Rodríguez achieved his first success with the short film Bancos, co-directed with Santi Amodeo, with whom he also shot his debut feature, El factor Pilgrim. After El traje, 7 vírgenes was a box-office success, discovering actors Juan José Ballesta and Jesús Carroza, who won the Goya for Best New Actor. Films such as After or Grupo 7, anticipate his greatest success to date: La Isla Mínima, a crime thriller set in the Guadalquivir marshes during the Transition that earned him ten Goya Awards. El hombre de las mil caras and Modelo 77 revalidate their mastery. The story of the escape from the famous Catalan prison opens the 70th edition of the San Sebastian Festival and adds 4 Goyas. In 2017 he embarks on the world of series with La Peste, consisting of two seasons, and in 2022 he shoots Supervivencia, an episode of the series Apagón.

Nadine Luque

CEO of Golden Arrow Entertainment

She has extensive experience as a film and television producer. ‘Great white shark’, ‘Die again’, ‘Without trace’, ‘The song of forgotten names’, ‘The Mule’ or ‘Silk’ are some of the projects he has produced.

Femi Odugbemi

Femi has brought to screen some of sun-Saharan Africa’s most successful television drama series.

He was founding Content producer of TINSEL in 2008. The soap-opera was Nigeria’s first studio multi camera daily series and also now one of the longest running ever with over 0ver 3,500 episodes and counting. He also produced the popular telenovella ‘BATTLELEGROUND. Other popular drama series produced by ODUGBEMI include the crime series ‘BRETHREN,’ the migration story “MOVEMENT: JAPA.’, ‘THE EVE’ and his more recent work the political drama series “COVENANT.” He has also produced and directed feature films including MAROKO (2006), GIDI BLUES (2016), 4th ESTATE (2017) and CODE WILO (2018).

Femi Odugbemi is a renowned writer, filmmaker, television Producer and Founder/Executive Producer of Zuri24 Media, a content production company in Lagos. He studied film and television production at the Montana State University, Bozeman Montana, USA (Class of 1984) He is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars) and also a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmys) He is one of the few distinguished filmmakers in the continent who is elected to both the Film and TV international academies.

Femi is also leading voice in documentary films in Nigeria. He has written and produced many critically acclaimed documentary titles including ‘OUI VOODOO’ (2005), ‘IBADAN:Cradle of Literati’ (2006) ‘METAMOPHOSIS’ (2006), ‘ORIKI’ (2008) ‘BARIGA BOY’ (2009) ‘And the Chain was Not’ (2010) ‘FAGUNWA: Literature, Language and Literalism'(2013) ‘MAKOKO: Futures Afloat’, (2016) and the recent ‘UNMASKED: Leadership, Trust and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nigeria’ (2021) .

He is a former President of the Independent Producers Association of Nigeria (ITPAN), a Board member of the Committee for Relevant Arts (CORA) and a Fellow of Theatre Arts of the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP).

He has also served as a five-time Head Judge of the prestigious Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA), 3 times Head Jury of the Uganda Film Festival, Juror of the Johannesburg International Film Festival South Africa, and a Juror/Mentor of the NETFLIX/UNESCO African Folktales Reimagined project.

In 2010 Femi co-founded the iRepresent International Documentary Film Festival. It has attracted many global filmmakers and films to his home city Lagos. Screenings are held in several inner city suburbs and at the famous Freedom Park, a colonial prison converted to an art exhibition and performance space. The Festival has pursued with vigour its theme of “Africa in self-conversation” championing films and stories from Africa, about Africa and by Africans.

Deeply passionate about impacting the younger generation of African storytellers, Femi was the pioneer Academy Director of the Multichoice Talent Factory in West Africa (2018-2022) He currently facilitates trainings and film courses in for NYU Abi Dhabi and Pan-Atlantic University Lagos. In November 2013 Femi was honoured with the Excellence Award of the Society of the Performing Arts of Nigeria (SPAN) and in 2018 he received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award of the Nigeria Film Corporation.

James Omokwe

James has served as Executive producer/Show Runner on Africa Magic’s Telenovelas – Unbroken (2019), Riona (2020), Itura (2022), Cheta’m (2023) and Showmax’s limited series, Diiche (2022).

James Omokwe is the founder and CEO of Feemo Vision Limited. He is an AMAA (Africa Movie Academy Awards), AMVCA (Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards) and Future Awards nominated filmmaker and producer. He also holds a Film Directing Diploma from NYFA (New York Film Academy) and a B.A. in Creative Arts from UNILAG.

He started off professionally as an actor. He was cast as Chris Okereke on M-NET’s biggest soap opera, TINSEL, where he garnered on hand experience that informed his directing career. He worked under the publicity and special projects department at Del-York International, a media consulting firm in Lagos and finally decided to start his own company.

In 2010, he started his 1st production company called Studio84 Connect International. He directed his 1st feature film, Awakening in 2011 and with his creative use of simple gritty footage and clever premise, James established himself as a fresh talent with distinct vision, and this was further emphasized by a 2013 AMAA nomination and Best film category at the AMVCA. The film Awakening, which had its box office release in 2013 created media buzz and made its way through audiences via television, radio interviews, social media and print.

Awakening was eventually licensed by Netflix in 2014. Off the success of Awakening, James further directed TV films; ‘Tromper’ and Dear Avalon’ for Ebony life TV; ‘Stalked’ and ‘When you die’ for Africa Magic Original Films. In 2016, He co-created, produced and directed a Web Series – One Chance for Ndani TV powered by Guaranty Trust Bank.

He served as a Series Producer for an Africa Magic talk show ‘Highlites with IK’ (2014-2017), an Executive Producer and Director for an Africa Magic TV Series ‘Head over heels’ (2017) and in 2018, he executive produced and directed Africa Magic 1st Epic Telenovela ‘Ajoche’. He later produced another Africa Magic Comedy Talk Show called ‘Comedy Nites’ with IK Osakioduwa in 2019.

Mimi Bartels

General Manager of FilmOne Studios, one of the largest premium film production companies in West Africa.

Mimi has produced, supervised, consulted on several Nigerian movies and has worked on over 30 co-productions which have mostly been commercially successful including the current highest grossing film of all time in West Africa, Battle On Buka Street; she has Producer/Co-Executive Producer/Supervising Producer credit in over 25 films.

She was previously FilmOne Entertainment’s Head of Production and Head of Accounts for Nollywood, South Africa’s Empire Entertainment & Independent films. FilmOne Entertainment is home to Warner Bros, Disney, Sony, 20th Century FOX, Empire Entertainment in West Africa and premium Nollywood content including King of Thieves, Sugar Rush, King of Boys 1, The Wedding Party 1 & 2, and more.

Before joining FilmOne Entertainment, Mimi worked for the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) under New Media. In 2021, Mimi Bartels was listed as top Cinema Film Producer, Variety Magazine’s “Women That Have Made an Impact in Global Entertainment,” and celebrated by Golden Globes Awards.

Moses Babatope

(Co-founder/Deputy Managing Director Filmhouse Group | Managing Director, The FilmOne Ltd)

Moses Babatope has over 20 years’ experience in film exhibition, production, distribution, aggregation, marketing, sales and operations management. As Managing Director of FilmOne, Moses has been the mastermind behind the global distribution of blockbuster films such as Battle on Buka Street, Born Again Stripper (Ijakumo), Passport, Omo Ghetto: The Saga, The Wedding Party films, A Trip to Jamaica, King of Thieves, King of Thieves, King of Boys, The Merry Men Films, and Chief Daddy, to mention a few. He has also spearheaded international distribution partnerships with companies such as Walt Disney with whom FilmOne has delivered the highest grossing film of all time Black Panther Wakanda Forever, Warner Brothers who FilmOne has distributed blockbuster hits such as Barbie, Aquaman and Black Adam for, Empire Entertainment, and Sony Pictures who have experienced box office success working with FilmOne on films like Spiderverse and Spiderman No Way Home . Moses is an Executive Producer of Battle on Buka Street, Born Again Stripper, Passport, The Order of Things, Sugar Rush, The Wedding Party 1 and 2, The Set Up 1 and 2, Merry Men 1& 2, The Ghost & The Tout Too and another thirty plus films.

He is also a co-founder of Filmhouse Cinemas, Nigeria’s biggest cinema chain and the region’s sole partners to IMAX, Mediamation (MX4D) and DBOX.

Moses holds a Bachelor’s degree in Money banking & Finance and a Master’s degree in International finance, both from Middlesex University, London. He was endorsed as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in May 2019 and has been a panelist and speaker in several international film conferences. Moses was a Juror of the 2020/21 Nigeria Oscars Selection Committee and became an elected member of the 49th International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (organizers of the International Emmy Awards) in 2021. In June 2022, he was appointed by the academy a Juror of the 50th International Emmy Awards. Moses is Publisher and Editor In Chief of the annual Nigerian Box Office Year Book, a cinema industry publication that is well read and in it’s 4th edition.

Mariola Cubells

Journalist. Degree in Information Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. She worked as a reporter for seven years at the Levante-EMV newspaper in Valencia. He later joined television: Canal 9, TVE, different audiovisual production companies. She was first an editor and then director and creator of different television formats. He left TV because he was fed up, wrote his first (and most personal) book, ¡Mírame, tonto! where he told the guts of (bad) television. Thanks to this book, he became a television analyst on different radio stations. And so began the talks on the ins and outs of television and his own experience in universities and institutions of all kinds. It is a task he has not abandoned.

This book has been followed by five others, almost all linked to the audiovisual world. As Editor-in-Chief, she started up the newspaper ADN, owned by the Planeta group, which was active for six years until the crisis led to its closure. In 2008 he joined the Cadena Seron the program A vivir que son dos díaswith Montserrat Domínguez, in the television section. Since 2102 it has been in La Ventanaalso on La Ser, with Carles Francinoin the section La Ventana de la Televisión. Also on the Ser radio station, he collaborates in the program Here, Catalonia, from La Ser Catalunya. Since 2012 he has been writing about television in the Huffington Post and is a regular contributor to Smoda magazinemagazine, both of Prisa Group where she writes about feminism, pop culture and audiovisuals.. She is in charge of the television section in the program El Matí de Catalunya Radio, Pop ap Catalunya Radio, Pop apand also collaborates in the program of TV3, Planta Baixa.

It tells stories of life, leisure and gastronomy in the Repsol Guide. In 2015 he launched at the Espai Rambleta in Valencia a forum for thought and entertainment under the name. FactoriesThe program consisted of personal and casual encounters with personalities from the fields of communication, journalism, cinema, television, literature and other artistic disciplines. Since 2018 it has been carrying out this model, Factorías, in other locations in Valencia and other cities in the country. The following year Conversation, (
) a format that continues the path started with Factorías, with its own team, with which it continues to program culture: it directs and conducts cultural meetings with different creators from the world of cinema, television, screenwriting, journalism or literature. She collaborates in different media, moderates meetings and participates in those events that can disseminate audiovisual, communication, culture, feminism, from different perspectives.

She is about to publish a non-fiction book for Espasa, Mejor que nunca se llama, which is a chronicle of the generation of women who are now in their sixties, and who are pioneers in a multitude of vital issues.

Maria Ripoll

María Ripoll is currently the highest-grossing director in Spanish cinema, with an international career and 12 feature films to her credit. He studied at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He is based in London, RAIN ON SHOES and wins Best Screenplay at the Montreal International Film Festival, Audience Award at the Sitges and Seattle Film Festivals. In addition, it was nominated for Best New Director at the Goya Awards. With TORTILLA SOUP, filmed in LA, obtains box office success in the USA and 9 ALMA Award nominations. He returns to Spain to direct UTOPIA and YOUR LIFE IN 65′. (LA Film festival, Stockholm). In 2012, he produced and directed CROMOSOMA CINCO for TVE. Between Bombay and Barcelona, he directed RASTROS DE SÁNDALO, which won Best Film at the Gaudí Awards and the Audience Award in Montreal. In 2015 and 2016, he released AHORA O NUNCA and NO CULPES AL KARMA DE LO QUE TE PASA POR GILIPOLLAS, big box office hits and both screened at the Miami Film Festival. In 2019, he directs LIVE TWICE, with great success on Netflix. He directs in Mexico GUERRA DE LIKES, for Sony and Amazon Prime. Also for Prime, he is shooting the series UN ASUNTO PRIVADO with Jean Reno and Aura Garrido, to be released in 2022. In the same year, he premiered NOSOTROS NO NOS NOS MATAREMOS CON PISTOLAS (WE WILL NOT KILL US WITH GUNS) at the Malaga Film Festival. In 2023, she jointly announced with Sony Pictures and The Studio the creation of The Love Collection, a new label to produce romantic comedies written and directed by women. Ripoll signs what will be the label’s first film, YO NO SOY ESA, starring Verónica Echegui. He is currently developing several series and feature films with his production company Cahuenga Filmmakers.

Alba Lucio

Alba Lucío (Madrid, 1987) is a screenwriter and script coordinator. She has been in charge of the script teams of the TVE series “La Otra Mirada” and “Dos Vidas” (winner of the Rose D’Or and nominated for an International Emmy) and has been Development Executive at Secuoya Studios. Creator of the series “Noobees” (Nickelodeon LAT), participated in the development of the series “Alba” and has been a scriptwriter in the series “Olmos y Robles” and “Chiringuito de Pepe”. Her career is mainly focused on television fiction and since 2021 she is also Co-Director of the Master’s Degree in Film and Television Screenwriting at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and ALMA.

Tim Dams

Tim Dams is the Europe Editor of Screen International. He has over 25 years experience as a journalist writing about the film and television industries.

Kate Bennets

Kate is the Managing Director of Ringside Studios, and it’s investment arm, Ringside Media. Ringside Studios has recently produced the action thriller, Liaison starring Vincent Cassell and Eva Green, for Apple TV+ and the TV film My Name is Leon for the BBC. Under the Ringside Media arm, the group is in production on Queenie for BBC and Disney, and Borderline for ZDF.

Kate is an experienced TV financing executive, and prior to Ringside Studios she worked at Ingenious Media for 8 years overseeing the TV strategy. Whilst there, Kate worked across both complex project financing and co-production deals, as well as assessing and structuring venture capital investment deals. Notable projects Kate has helped finance and offered advisory services on are ‘Marcella’, ‘White House Farm’, ‘Britannia’ and ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell’. Prior to Ingenious Kate worked in investment management and is a qualified accountant.

Web URL:
Ringside Studios Home

Mark Williams

Mark Williams is a feature film and Emmy-nominated TV writer, director, producer and partner at Zero Gravity Managementa top-tier literary and talent management / production company based in Los Angeles, which he founded in 2001. He has produced over 25 movies, including THE ACCOUNTANT and HONEST THIEF as well as co-created and Executive Produced the Emmy-winning TV series OZARK.

Web URL:

Jacqueline Hurt

Jacqueline’s practice specializes in all aspects of production, financing and distribution of films and television programmes. With a wealth of knowledge of the media industry she provides not only legal but also commercial strategic advice in any transaction. Jacqueline’s clients are wide ranging and include; US Studios, leading US and European Producers and Distributors, SVOD Platforms, banks and investment funds. Jacqueline has been named a leader in her field by the Legal Media Group’s Expert Guide to the World’s Leading Technology, Media and Telecommunication Lawyers, Legal Business’ Legal Experts, by Chambers UK and by The Legal 500.

Isabel Davis

Isabel leads Screen Scotland, the screen agency which sits within Creative Scotland. Screen Scotland is the national body that drives development of all aspects of Scotland’s film and TV industry, through funding and strategic support.

Isabel joined Screen Scotland in late 2018, leading the growth of Scottish screen through investing in development and production, enhancing skills and production infrastructure, advocating for screen education, and supporting Scottish talent to increase the quality and diversity of film and television production across scripted and unscripted genres.
From 2011-2018, Isabel was the BFI’s Head of International. In a role combining editorial, production and policy expertise, Isabel delivered the BFI’s international strategy and negotiated film co-production treaties with China and Brazil.

José Luis Acosta

José Luis Acosta is a screenwriter, director and producer. He has been President of SGAE, Vice President of ALMA, Chief Content Officer of NBCUNiversal Telemundo Global Studios. Member of the Academia de la Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas España, Academia de Televisión de España. He has worked with Pedro Almodovar, Elías Querejeta, Pedro Masó, A3, Mediaset, RTVE, Peacock, HBO… His numerous works include; Siete huellas, Historia de un Buho, Los ladrones van a la oficina, Barreiros winner of the best TV-movie at the Houston Film Festival. No te puedes esconder for Netflix, winner best series N.York festival, Emmy nominated, Jugar con Fuego, El recluso, Sin Tetas no hay paraíso, Armas de mujer with Kate del Castillo, Roselyn Sánchez. He has directed three films “Gimlet” starring Viggo Mortensen and Angela Molina and selected at the San Sebastian Festival with several international awards, “No dejare que no me quieras” with Alberto San Juan and Pere Ponce. LA NOCHE with Saul Lisazo and Maria Bestar. The Pirates of Arabian for Hakawati-Riad. CEO of BESTACOSTA PRODUCTIONS. His works have received more than 35 national and international awards.

Cristina Consuegra

Cristina Consuegra is a cultural manager and specialist in cultural innovation. Responsible for the expanded programming of Festival de Málaga (Málaga de Festival), and responsible for Neópolis, section on Science and Technology of Festival de Málaga. Artistic Director of the Festival de Cine Flamenco y Etnográfico de Jerez. Responsible for the audiovisual program Torremolinos Cinema specialized in LGTBIq+ topics. Coordinator of the ‘Anverso/Reverso’ Cycle of the Cervantes Theater. Programmer of the ‘Encounters with Authors’ of the Culture Area of the City Council. of Malaga. Coordinator of the cycle on contemporary thought ‘El MAE se mueve’ organized by the Museo Andaluz de la Educación. He collaborates with literary programs with the Diputación de Málaga. Coordinator of the series ‘Encuentros en la Ría’ organized by the Huelva City Council. Coordinator of the colloquiums of the Alicante Book Fair in the 2021 and 2022 editions. Coordinator of the cycle ‘A qué suena’ of Las Tardes del Foro de la Diputación de Huelva. Collaborator of the Master in Cultural Management at Universidad Carlos III. Programmer of literary activities on feminist issues for different public and private entities. He collaborates in Canal Sur Radio with his own section in Días D Andalucía and with conversations in Secret Olivo and Igluu Magazine. He has an opinion column, La vida quieta, in El Español.

Teresa Segura

Executive producer of Diffferent Entertainment SL, with more than twenty projects, written and directed by David Sainz. Highlights include the series Malviviendo (broadcast in four countries with more than 150 million views and more than forty national and international awards), the series El viaje de Peter McDowell and Flaman for RTVA, Power Wonders produced by El Terrat for TNT, the #littlesecretfilm for Calle 13 Obra 67, the series Entertainment and Buster for Flooxer (Atresmedia), the branded films El Colega Canario for Arehucas and Síndrome Valyrio for HBO España, the independent film Fogueo or the series Mambo and Grasa, the podcast Jirafas, the late night Parking Karaoke for Playz (RTVE) or the documentary Eterna. He is currently filming Sin fin, for Prime Video.

Pilar Crespo

Executive producer and founding producer of Magnétika Films. Her work as a producer includes Historias de leyenda (a co-production of 4 regional television channels: Canal Sur TV, TV3, TVG and ETB about four Spanish characters), La última toma, a feature documentary about the Andalusian director Claudio Guerin Hill premiered at the Seville Film Festival, the comedy La Boda (Ana Graciani), the documentary, and the RTVE series Operación Barrio Inglés. Among his latest documentaries are La residencia de señoritas (Juan Miguel del Castillo), Val del Omar, poeta audiovisual (Jesús Ponce), Juanito (Juan Miguel del Castillo). Crespo has been the only Spanish producer selected in the first edition of the Erich Pommer Institut’s Series’ Women.

Isa Sanchez

After writing and directing several short films and documentaries, such as Trinidad Grund: una historia sumergida (Nora Films-Canal Sur, 2012), in 2014 she participated in the Official Selection of the Malaga Festival with 321 días en Michigan, co-written with director Enrique García, for which she was awarded the Biznaga Oficios del Cine the following year. He co-wrote with the same director two more feature films: Resort Paraíso (Puraenvidia Films, Encanta Films, 2018) and La mancha negra (Marila Films, 2020). In 2019, he signs Alegría with director Violeta Salama, a film co-produced by La Claqueta PC, Powehi Films and TVE, whose script is a finalist for the SGAE Julio Alejandro Screenplay Award. It is also one of the ten projects selected in 2020 for the Breaking Through The Lens support program at Cannes.

In television he has been part of the script team for the fourth season of El Ministerio del Tiempo, the crime thriller Malaka and the docufiction Centro Médico. He teaches screenwriting at the Escuela de Cine de la Comunidad de Madrid (ECAM) and at the universities of Málaga and Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. He is also a member of the short film selection committee of the Malaga Film Festival and the Film Academy.

Javier Olivares
Rémi Tereszkiewicz

Rémi Tereszkiewicz is an expert of OTT services and TV series marketing. Having served since 1994 as VP or SVP in sales and marketing positions for various companies such as Warner Brothers (2016), Lagardère Studios (2014), Netgem (2004) or Eurosport (1994), he led the creation and launching of numerous TV services and xVOD offers. He is currently CEO of Betaseries, a media platform running recommendation services for a community of 5 million monthly TV series fans and analyzing TV series & OTT usages for the media industry.



Toni Garrido

Felanitx, Island of Mallorca, Balearic Islands, 1973.

“There are only opportunities at the cutting edge.”

Radio and television communicator trained in CADENA SER, he has worked in many programs of Antena 3, Telemadrid, La1, “LA NOCHE DE LOS OSCAR for CANAL+, CAIGA QUIEN CAIGA for Tele 5 and LaSexta and LA NUBE for LA2…. obtaining high levels of notoriety in Cadena SER with HOY POR HOY, ASUNTOS PROPIOS of RNE.

Producer of programs such as “YU, Don’t miss anything”, “A place called the world”, XREY, CUERPOS ESPECIALES, LA PIJA Y LA QUINQUI, LA SCRIPT…

He regularly collaborates with UNICEF.

Ana Bustamante

General Manager Mediterranean, Mediaset España Group

Anxo Rodriguez

Anxo Rodríguez is founder and producer at ESPotlight Media, a recently created production company that has already produced series such as
You Would Do It Too
(Disney +), and others with future premiere dates:
Los Farad
(Amazon Prime Video), and
A New Dawn

Rodriguez has an extensive background as a lawyer and business affairs. As an executive producer, Anxo was awarded in 2015 with the Goya Award for Best Documentary for
Paco de Lucía: The Search
. He has also been business affairs for important series such as
The Paper House
(Netflix), or
Foodie Love

Anxo created the talent agency Alter Ego Talent House, which, in addition to representing actors and actresses, stands out for its wide portfolio of Directors, Screenwriters and Composers. Such close contact with talent led Anxo to found the production company ESPotlight Media in 2020, with the aim of promoting content from top national talent to an international audience. Rodriguez’s expertise and background in the industry have allowed ESPotlight to grow exponentially since its inception, with several productions currently underway for platforms, in addition to a large slate of projects in development.


Laura Miñarro

For over 15 years Laura Miñarro has held key executive positions in sales and development of co-produced TV projects for the domestic as well as the international television market.

After several years as VP of International Co-Production at Globomedia, she became General Manager at the international distribution branch of Grupo Mediapro managing sales and development of international projects. At the Swedish rights management company Eccho Rights, she served as Director of Co-Production and Scripted.

Miñarro is currently VP of International co-production at Buendía Estudios, where she is responsible for the strategic and commercial development of international co-production projects.

Miñarro holds an MBA from the IE Business School, Spain.

Web: https://buendiaestudios.com/

Iban Díez

Iban Diez is managing partner at MENTA Legal, a boutique law firm specialized in Audiovisual and Entertainment Law. Previously, he was Of Counsel in the Intellectual Property and New Technologies Department at Gómez Acebo & Pombo, one of the “big four” Spanish law firms. There he led the Media and Intellectual Property practice.

Iban has been included in the most important international lawyer rankings. He is currently Band 2 in Media Law in Chambers & Partners, and has also been included in the Best Lawyers ranking.

He is the author of numerous articles and publications on Intellectual Property and New Technologies, and collaborates as a professor in numerous Masters and Postgraduate Programs on Intellectual Property, Audiovisual Law and Production.

Iban is highly specialized in advising the audiovisual and entertainment industry, working with both domestic and foreign companies. He has participated as a lawyer in many productions such as “La casa de papel”, “Foodie Love”, “Nacho”, “Tú también lo harías” or “Sagrada Familia”.

Iban Diez is managing partner at MENTA Legal, a law boutique specialized on Media and Entertainment Law. Beforehand, he was Of Counsel in the Intellectual Property and Technology Area at Gomez Acebo & Pombo law firm, one of the big four Spanish law firms. He was leading the IP and Media practice

Iban has been ranked in many of the most important international lawyers’ rankings. He is currently Band 2 in Media Law for Chambers & Partners, and he has also qualified for Best Lawyers ranking.

He is author of numerous articles and publications in regard with Intellectual Property and New Technologies, and he collaborates as lecturer in a high number of Masters and Postgraduates Degrees of Intellectual Property, Audiovisual Law and Production.

Iban is highly specialized on the audiovisual and entertainment industry, working for both national and international companies. He has acted as counsel for many productions, including “La casa de papel” (“Money Heist”), “Foodie Love”, “Nacho”, “Tú lo harías” (“You would do it too”) or “Sagrada Familia” (“Holy Family”).


Natalia Marcos

Editor of the Television section. She has spent most of her career at EL PAÍS, where she worked in Participation and Social Networks. Since its foundation, he has been writing for the series blog Quinta Temporada. She holds a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid and in Hispanic Philology from the UNED.

Daniel Ecija

CEO of Good Mood. Creator, executive producer and scriptwriter of more than thirty television series, including ‘Cristo y Rey’, ‘Los hombres de Paco’, ‘Los Serrano’, ‘Un paso adelante’, ‘Periodistas’, ‘Más que amigos’, or ‘Médico de familia’. In cinema, his participation in the films ‘A tres metros sobre el cielo’ or ‘Águila Roja. La película’. Throughout his career he has received nine Ondas Awards and a TV Academy Award for Best Executive Producer.

Guillem Morales

Guillem Morales is an award-winning and two-time BAFTA-nominated film and television director and scriptwriter. His highly acclaimed first feature film “The Uncertain Guest” was nominated for several awards. His follow-up, “Julia’s Eyes”, produced by Guillermo Del Toro, received widespread critical praise and was a huge commercial success. He has just finished his third feature film (and first in English), “The Wasp”, with Naomie Harris and Natalie Dormer, which is due for release in 2024.

In terms of television work, Guillem has directed the adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s “Decline and Fall” for BBC1, produced by Tiger Aspect, which starred Jack Whitehall and Eva Longoria. He also directed the three-part BBC production of Jessie Burton’s international bestseller, “The Miniaturist”, starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Romola Garai. His most significant directorial work in the UK has been as director of 14 episodes of the cult TV Series Inside No. 9, for which he has received a BAFTA.

Cristobal Tapia de Veer

Cristobal is a Chilean-born, 2-times EMMY and BAFTA winning composer and multi-instrumentalist, whose classical music training and ingenious sense of composition opened a new dimension to cinematic music and brought him iconic status. He is widely known for his works on critically acclaimed cult series like C4’s UTOPIA, BLACK MIRROR, THE WHITE LOTUS, NATIONAL TREASURE or 2022’s #1 box-office surprise hit SMILE (Paramount).

Carlo Padial

Carlo Padial (Barcelona, 1977) is a film director, writer and screenwriter. He has written and directed the films My Crazy Erasmus (2012), Something Very Fat (2017) and You Are My Movie (2019). He is also the director and co-writer of the fiction series Doctor Portuondo (2021) and the documentary series Crímenes Online (2022). He has published three books, including Doctor Portuondo (2017, Blackie Books), which he recently adapted himself into a series produced by Filmin. The series Doctor Portuondo is currently the most watched series in the history of the Filmin platform. Later this year he will publish his new novel, called Contenido, also with Blackie Books.

He was also a contributor to Late Motiv with Andreu Buenafuente, on Movistar+’s #0 for three seasons, and to APM? From TV3 for two seasons. He has also been video director of Grupo Zeta (El Periódico, Sport, Cuore, etc) and director of PlayGround Originals, and many of his videos have been viral videos of enormous success, such as ‘Quiero ser Negro’, the series of reports dedicated to the ‘Swaggers’, “Go, Ibiza, Go!” or ‘La Vergüenza de Existir’, among others.

Armando Bó

Armando Bo, internationally awarded Argentine screenwriter and filmmaker. He is a collaborator of award-winning Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu. Co-wrote with Nicolas Giacobone “Biutiful”, nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars and Best Film at the Golden Globes in 2009 and then “Birdman”, winner of an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Picture of the Year.He is showrunner writer and executive producer of “El Presidente” the Emmy-nominated two-season hit series .His debut feature, The Last Elvis, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012 and received multiple awards in San Sebastian, London, France, Korea and Bulgaria. In 2018, he released Animal, his second feature film… Bo, founding partner of the production company About Entertainment, where he develops his fiction projects. He is also co-founder of Rebolución, one of the most awarded advertising production companies globally, which has more than 700 spots, winner of more than 25 Cannes Lions.






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