548 Days: Captured by a sect

7 October, 2023
18:30 - 19:30
Sala 3. Palacio de Congresos
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Season 1
Chapter 1 – 52 minutes

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When Patricia Aguilar turns 18, she disappears from her home, leaving her family behind. After several anguished weeks without knowing anything about her, they recover hope when Patricia shows signs of life, but the joy turns into concern when they perceive that their daughter speaks and acts strangely, as if she were controlled by someone else… and that’s how it is. They soon discover that Patricia has fled to Peru, seduced by the guru of a sexual sect who has been manipulating her through the Internet for 2 years. From this point on, the family begins an investigation on both sides of the ocean and will not cease in their efforts to recover their daughter, even when Patricia herself disowns them. A story of love and family overcoming with tints of thriller narrated in first person by its own protagonists.

Technical data

Direction and script: Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo and José Ortuño

Photograph: Julio de la Rosa

Music: Julio de la Rosa

Executive Producer: Olmo Figueredo Gonzalez – Quevedo (La Claqueta PC)

Production Manager: Manolo Limón


La Claqueta PC, Disney +

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