Avance Andalucía: Urban Ink

11 October, 2023
10:40 - 10:10
Sala 3. Palacio de congresos

Lita is a teenager raised in a broken family, with an innate talent for drawing and a serious problem with authority. His life collides with that of Ruso, a renowned tattoo artist who is still in business thanks to the remnants of a golden age that will never return. Ruso’s shady family ties to Lita’s family make him feel compelled to sponsor her and make her his apprentice. In this way, he is able to steer her away from the fateful course in which she is immersed. The demons of her past life end up getting in the way, making the new path that opens up before her even more complicated. Will Ruso succeed in forging the teacher-apprentice bond or will the “easy” life in the neighborhood end up dragging Lita down?

Showrunner: Ángeles Reiné

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