RTVA Preview: And the verb became Cádiz

Cadiz, venue of the IX International Congress of the Spanish Language, is the starting point of an exciting journey through the history of the Spanish language. A documentary series of two chapters that addresses issues such as miscegenation, the central theme of the congress, interculturality, the speech of Cadiz, the sociolinguistic prejudices of the Andalusian and the challenges facing the Spanish language with the use of social networks and the arrival of new technologies or artificial intelligence.

Our language, spoken by more than 600 million people in 21 countries around the world, is the undisputed protagonist of a journey with stops in Arequipa (Peru), New York (USA), Seville and Madrid, with the participation of prominent writers, academics and experts, such as Luis García Montero, Antonio Muñoz Molina, Carmen Posadas, Javier Cercas, Juan Eslava Galán, Pepa Bueno and María Dueñas.

Producer: Francis Romacho

Showrunner: Eva Pérez

RTVA Preview: It happened in