Breton, the look of the devil

8 October, 2023
17:00 - 18:00
Sala 4. Palacio de Congresos
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Season 1
Chapter 1 – 51 minutes

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Unable to get over his wife’s goodbye, Breton resorts to the most atrocious violence: against his children. With the most refined sadism: that they would never appear, so that she and he would be united forever in the search. And with the most Dantesque of methods: lulling them to sleep and burning them in a gigantic bonfire until their bodies were blown away by the wind. The police task made a tremendous mistake, but a year later he could be charged. And condemned.

The veteran filmmaker from Córdoba, José Ángel Bohollo (Kill me a lot, And you didn’t mourn for me. El Cordobés, Spanish western, Morente, intimate universe) is placed as director and co-writer at the head of the team that, in this three-episode documentary miniseries, puts the focus on the figure of José Bretón: the sad protagonist of the so-called Ruth and José case, which shook the whole country in those days at the end of 2011.

Technical data

Screenplay: Jose Ángel Bohollo, Alejandra Bohollo

Director: Jose Angel Bohollo

Photograph: Manuel Cruz (Mino)

Executive Producer: Pepe Flores

Production Manager: Paco Prieto

Production team: Alejandra Flores, Alejandro Molina


Producciones Cibeles S.L. in coproduction with RTVA

International sales:

Productions Cibeles S.L.

Pepe Flores




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