El español en series/las series en español: Creating and selling Spanish-language series from Latin America

Max Sanguine (Big Cat)
Paco Cordero (BTF)
Manolo Cardona (Actor, director and producer)

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  • Max Sanguine
    Max Sanguine
  • Paco Cordero
    Paco Cordero
  • Manolo Cardona
    Manolo Cardona
  • Gastón Duprat
    Gastón Duprat
El español en series/las series en español: Las políticas de fomento e internacionalización del audiovisual.
Max Sanguine

Maximiliano Sanguine has more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.

He worked in the Creative Department of Multimedios America, served as Production Manager at Steinbranding and at Fox Networks Group (now part of The Walt Disney Company) as Executive Director of the Creative and Production areas for almost ten years, leading a regional team with responsibility for a portfolio of 24 channels of all genres: fiction, sports, factual and lifestyle. He then worked as International Development Manager at Pol-Ka for the Latin American market for the biggest players in the industry: Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Turner, Disney and FOX, before being recruited by The Mediapro Studio, the Spanish production company with presence in five continents as Head of Development, one of the largest production houses in Europe.

He has extensive experience in content development, advertising and regional and international promotional campaigns. It specializes in creativity and production of On Air content, branded content and formats for all screens.

He has been an assistant professor of television developments (UBA) for 9 years and has a Master in Design and Communication from the University of Buenos Aires, where he also teaches the annual workshop “technological deconstructions” and has just been invited by the Torcuato Di Tella University (one of the most important private universities in Argentina) to be part of the faculty of the brand new Bachelor in Design.

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Paco Cordero

Francisco Cordero is a founding partner and CEO of BTF Media, an audiovisual content production company with an original and unconventional vision, nominated for an International Emmy and winner of the Goya Awards.

As CEO of BTF Media, Cordero oversees the core business functions and operations of the management team as well as projects, participating in every step of the process from idea incubation to distribution, from general to executive production. Born in Mexico, Cordero majored in Business Administration with a focus on identifying opportunities, planning, training and executing strategies that translate into business success. As a veteran producer and entrepreneur, Cordero also has extensive knowledge in the areas of Administration and Finance, Marketing and Sales, Public Relations, Optimization and Human Resources.

Its track record has made BTF a valuable player in the fiction and entertainment market, developing solid business relationships with clients such as: Buena Vista International / The Walt Disney Company, Warner Media Company, Amazon Prime, NBCU and Sony Pictures Television; among others.

Passionate about the industry, in 2018 Cordero also co-founded VCS Capital, the first and only equity investment fund in Latin America, which seeks to invest in and develop film and television projects for Spanish-speaking markets.

Cordero lives in Miami, where he manages the company and oversees the production offices.

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Manolo Cardona

Manolo Cardona is one of the most recognized Latin American film and television actors and producers in the world. With great successes in cinema and television box office.

He studied a degree in Finance and International Relations at the Universidad Externado de Colombia for a period of time, then moved on to study financial administration at the Politécnico Grancolombiano for a few semesters. In 2005, he became co-founder and Executive VP of 11:11 Films & TV, an international film and television production company.

Manolo created the company with the idea of creating quality film and television with an emphasis on the commercial, and with the objective that each of its products have the possibility of recovering the investment and making a profit in at least two markets or territories.

By 2015, the company extends to Mexico and the Dominican Republic where it opens offices in order to reach the international market where they developed series such as La Hermandad ,La Fiscal de Hierro, Rubirosa , Claramente, la negociadora, etc. All of them have been very successful in Latin American markets.


Gastón Duprat

Director, screenwriter and producer, he is one of the most innovative and prestigious authors in Latin America. He has participated with his works in the most important film festivals in the world, such as Venice, Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, San Sebastian and Sundance, where he has won numerous awards and recognitions. He has co-directed ten films with Mariano Cohn, including the successful “El hombre de al lado”, starring Daniel Aráoz; “El Ciudadano Ilustre”, starring Oscar Martínez; “Mi Obra Maestra”, starring Guillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni; “4×4”, starring Peter Lanzani; and the latest, “Competencia Oficial”, starring Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas. He has also created and directed fifteen series, the latest being “El Encargado” starring Guillermo Francella and an Emmy nominee, and “Nada”, starring Luis Brandoni and Robert De Niro, to be released in mid-November of this year. Next year they will premiere the series “Bellas Artes”, with Oscar Martínez, Imanol Arias, Ángela Molina, José Sacristán, Milena Smit and Dani Rovira. They are the producers of “Locked”, an American remake of their film “4×4”, starring Bill Skarsgård and Anthony Hopkins, to shoot at the end of the year in Los Angeles.