El español en series/las series en español: The map of the world of Spanish-language series

11 October, 2023
13:00 - 14:00
Sala 1. Palacio de congresos


  • Gloria Saló
    Gloria Saló
  • Conchi Cascajosa
    Conchi Cascajosa
  • Diego Moldes
    Diego Moldes
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Gloria Saló

Expert in Formats and International Markets, Creativity and Executive Production. She has been Director of International Markets and Communications, Head of Programs, Head of New Projects, Content Director and Fiction Coordinator. He has worked in networks such as Telecinco and CLMTV and in production companies such as Mandarina, Inspira Content or Stil KommuniKation. She holds a PhD “Cum Laude” in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Complutense, is a professor at the universities Francisco de Vitoria and Carlos III of Madrid, and also teaches Masterclasses and lectures at various universities. Author of several books: ¿Qué es eso del formato? (Gedisa), Diccionario de Teorías Narrativas I y II (Caligrama), El Entretenimiento en España (Laertes), Intermedia (Fragua), among others.

Conchi Cascajosa

Concepción Cascajosa Virino is Professor of Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where she is currently director of the Department of Communication and member of its Governing Council. He has two six-year research awards and the Excellence Award from the UC3M Social Council. She has also been director of the Master’s Degree in Film and TV Scriptwriting and vice-dean of the Journalism and Audiovisual Communication Department. She is the author or editor of ten books, including “Historia de televisión” and “Análisis de la ficción televisiva española”, and a hundred academic publications. Contributor to media such as El País, Fotogramas and Serielizados. Since 2021, she has been a member of the Board of Directors of Corporación RTVE and president of its Equality Observatory.

Diego Moldes

Diego Moldes González (Pontevedra, 1977) is a writer in Spanish, in its three aspects, essayist, poet and novelist. He has worked as a communications and marketing professional, web editor, publicist, film critic and historian. He holds a PhD in Information Sciences (Audiovisual Communication) from Universidad Complutense, a degree in Advertising and Public Relations (Universidad de Vigo) and a Master on Publishing from Oxford Brookes University. His Doctoral Thesis obtained an outstanding cum laude unanimously (2010) and his Thesis obtained an Honors Degree (2001).

He started in June 2000 as a scriptwriter and television presenter in Galicia (TVG), and three years later he turned to marketing and communication in El Corte Inglés, advertising and digital content, in the areas of culture: books, cinema and television series, music, comics…

To date he has published thirteen books (8 essays, 1 novel, 1 collection of poems, 1 mixed volume of narrative, essays and poetry, and even 2 books on basketball), including Ensoñación, his first published novel, with an epilogue by the novelist Milagros Frías, and cultural essays such as La huella de Vértigo (2004), Roman Polanski. The fantasy of the tormented (2005), European cinema. The great films (2008), The manuscript found in Zaragoza. Jan Potocki’s novel adapted to film by Wojciech Jerzy Has (2009), Alejandro Jodorowsky (2012), monographic book, with a prologue by Jodorowsky himself and Venuspasión (2014), with a prologue by Luis Alberto de Cuenca. In 2009 he wrote two basketball books for Real Madrid.

He is also the author of several screenplays, twenty-one librettos for DVD and Blu-ray editions of well-known films, and co-author of 42 collective books, mostly on the History of Cinema, including History of Cinema in Films, 1970-1979 , The Universe of Billy Wilder, The Universe of Orson Welles or PascALEjandro (in English and French).

As an editor, his work on Un imperio propio stands out. How the Jews Invented Hollywood, by Neal Gabler, in which Moldes writes the introduction, appendix, additional bibliography, notes and edition, with a foreword by Román Gubern.

His intellectual work has been praised by filmmakers Roman Polanski and José Luis Garci, multidisciplinary artist Alejandro Jodorowsky, the former director of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), Darío Villanueva, film historians Román Gubern and José Luis Sánchez Noriega, writers César Antonio Molina and Ramón Pernas, journalist Manuel Jabois and philosopher Eugenio Trías, among other cultural personalities. As an article writer, critic or commentator, he has collaborated in press, radio, television and digital media, with hundreds of texts. He has lived in Pontevedra, Santiago de Compostela, Lisbon and, since 2004, in Madrid.

In relation to the Jewish world, he has collaborated with Centro Sefarad-Israel (an organization dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and with Raíces: Revista judía de cultura. He is currently the President of the NGO Fania Association, a group with cultural purposes and the fight against anti-Semitism created in 2015 and of which he is co-founder together with film producer Jesús Ulled Nadal and engineer and digital marketing expert José Antonio Redondo Martín. From 2016 to 2019, he served as General Director of the Hispano-Jewish Foundation.

Since 2015/16 he has been a professor at the Antonio de Nebrija University, where he has taught the subjects Film and Literature, Media History and Marketing-Distribution and Marketing Channels.

Since March 2019, he has been working as Director of Institutional Relations at Fundación Nebrija (Nebrija University).

In July 2018 he published his book and first collection of poems, Ni un día sin poesía.

On November 19, 2019 he published When Einstein Met Kafka. Jewish contributions to the modern world at Galaxia Gutenberg Publishers.

In June 2022 he published his twelfth book, In the Belly of the Whale. Essay on culture, with positive reviews in more than twenty newspapers, cultural supplements and magazines, among them, El País, El mundo, La vanguardia, 20 Minutos, ABC, etc. Thirty-eight international personalities from the world of culture collaborated on the book.

In January 2023 Moldes published in Barcelona his thirteenth book Antonio de Nebrija y su origen judeoconverso, with a prologue by the historian, Latinist and member of the RAE, Juan Gil Fernández.

He has been married to Angelina Serantes Vilar (Pontevedra, 1977) since July 2010 and they have two sons, Mauro, born in Madrid on April 27, 2017, and Bosco, born in Madrid on September 22, 2018.