The Law of the Sea

6 October, 2023
20:30 - 21:30
Auditorio. Palacio de Congresos
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On July 14, 2006, José Durá “Pepe” (Luis Tosar), and nine other crew members from the fishing vessel
Francisco and Catalina
took the decision, under the so-called Law of the Sea, to take 51 Eritrean migrants stranded ten miles off Malta, including a 2-year-old girl and a pregnant woman, onto a boat prepared for 10 crew members. For nine long days, the vessel was awaiting the decision of the European authorities. While negotiations were taking place between the diplomacy of half of Europe, more than sixty people were living together in barely fifty square meters.

Technical data

Screenplay: Víctor Pedreira, Tatiana Rodríguez

Address: Alberto Ruiz Rojo

Photograph: Óscar Montesinos


Studio 60.

Distribution: RTVE, À Punt

International sales


Rafael Bardem


Artistic data

Luis Tosar

Blanca Portillo

Àlex Monner

Sonia Almarcha

Victor Clavijo

Eva Marciel

Pau Durà

Alfonso Lara

Teresa Hurtado de Ory