7 October, 2023
21:00 - 22:30
Auditorio. Palacio de Congresos
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Season 3
Chapter 1 – 83 minutes

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Tirso’s life seems fuller and happier than ever. His relationship with Gladys is going well, the hardware store has found its niche in the neighborhood workers, Irene is about to give birth and everyone is excited about the preparations for the baby’s arrival. But the arrival in the neighborhood of Mari Carmen, Tirso’s ex-wife, turns everything upside down. His arrival splits the family in two between those who open their arms to him and those who want him to leave the way he came. And not only that. Maica, as Mari Carmen now calls herself, has spent half her life working as an aid worker in disadvantaged places and returns to the neighborhood with the intention of creating a foundation whose goal is to get gang members off the streets and teach them a trade. Tirso knows that this place will bring nothing but trouble. And so it is. The gang members declare war on the foundation and Tirso is forced to intervene, even if it means putting himself at the forefront of a new war against the gangs in which he did not want to be involved. But his life and the lives of his family and friends are in danger.

Technical data

Script: David Bermejo, Joan Barbero, Víctor Pedreira

Directors: Iñaki Mercero, Oriol Ferrer

Photography: Jesús Haro, Jaime Pérez

Music: Zacarias Martinez de la Riva

Executive Producer Mediaset España: Arantxa Écija

Executive Producers Alea Media: David Bermejo, Aitor Gabilondo

Production Manager Mediaset España: Cristina Castilla

Alea Media Production Manager: Albert Bori

Delegate Producer Mediaset España: Carmen Agraz


Alea Media and Mediaset España

International Sales

Mediterranean. Mediaset España Group.


Rocío Cachero


Artistic data

José Coronado

Luis Zahera

Nona Sobo

Felipe Londoño

Laura Ramos

Itziar Atienza

Maria de Nati

Manuel Tallafé

Manolo Caro

Natalia Dicenta

Álex Medina

Óscar Higares

Michelle Calvó


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