8 October, 2023
18:00 - 20:00
Auditorio. Palacio de Congresos
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Season 1
Chapter 1 and 2 – 111 minutes

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Based on a true story. The year is 1942. The world is at war, with the Nazis marching through Europe and the Jews in Palestine in open rebellion against British rule. Therefore, the British build Carthago, a prison camp deep in Africa. Italian fascists, Nazi spies and Jewish terrorists are imprisoned there together. Elijah Levi, an innocent Jewish comedian, is taken to Carthage in shackles. There he discovers that the camp commander’s wife is none other than his ex-lover Helena. They both know that if this gets out, they will die. Elias, in desperation, joins forces with the infamous Nazi spy Thomas Edinburgh. Together they attempt one of the most daring prison escapes in the history of World War II.

Discovered at Canneseries in 2019 with the series
Reshef Levi, a stand-up celebrity in Israel, and Tomer Shani, with the same energy and overwhelming humor, surprise again with a completely fantastic journey. A little-known episode in history, inspired by Reshef’s own father’s experience: the Carthage camp, which gathered opponents of the British Empire in the middle of Africa from 1942 onwards.

Technical data

Script: Reshef Levi, Tome Shani, Yannets Levi

Address: Tomer Shani

Photography: Daniella Nowitz

Editing: Tomer Shani, Daniel Keren, Itamar Goldwasser, Yael Hersonski

Music: Tal Yardeni

Production: 24 Drafts Studios, Yoav Gross and Reshef Levi.


24 Drafts Studios, Yoav Gross and Reshef Levi

International sales

Ehud Bleiberg, UTA Agents


Artistic data

Uri Gov

Philip Glenister

Carolina Jurczak

Oliver Buckner

Reshef Levi

Mia Gabay

Shaun Paul Mcgrath

Yaakov Zada Daniel

David Gabay

Ella Gabay

Oleg Levin

Gianfranco Terrin