Manolo Cardona

Manolo Cardona

Manolo Cardona is one of the most recognized Latin American film and television actors and producers in the world. With great successes in cinema and television box office.

He studied a degree in Finance and International Relations at the Universidad Externado de Colombia for a period of time, then moved on to study financial administration at the Politécnico Grancolombiano for a few semesters. In 2005, he became co-founder and Executive VP of 11:11 Films & TV, an international film and television production company.

Manolo created the company with the idea of creating quality film and television with an emphasis on the commercial, and with the objective that each of its products have the possibility of recovering the investment and making a profit in at least two markets or territories.

By 2015, the company extends to Mexico and the Dominican Republic where it opens offices in order to reach the international market where they developed series such as La Hermandad ,La Fiscal de Hierro, Rubirosa , Claramente, la negociadora, etc. All of them have been very successful in Latin American markets.


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