8 October, 2023
19:00 - 20:00
Sala 2. Palacio de Congresos
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Season 1
Chapter 1


Thirty years have passed and the world is still dancing the Macarena. It is an unprecedented and intergenerational success. A viral phenomenon even before the internet existed. It is still a trending topic, there are hundreds of versions on TikTok and the world is still dancing to it. His choreography is almost universal folklore and he is still in better shape than ever.

What is the secret of the Macarena? What is it about this song that eliminates worries and shyness, and launches people dancing and smiling anywhere in the world? With the creators of La Macarena, Los Del Río, as the common thread and the participation of musicians, producers and choreographers from all over the world, Macarena reconstructs the history of this worldwide hit and tries to decipher the almost inscrutable secrets of how a hit is built.

Technical data

Script: David López Canales

Address: Alejandro Marzoa

Subdirection: Arantza Díez

Photography: Sandra Formatger

Edition: Mònica Jové

Sound: David Mata

Production Manager: Leire Larisgoitia

Production Manager: Mónica Álvarez

Executive Producer Movistar Plus+: Jorge Ortiz de Landázuri and Marijo Larrañaga

Executive Producer Producciones del Barrio: Victor Morilla

Movistar Plus+ Contents Delegate: Cristina del Campo Baena

Movistar Plus+ Delegate Producer: Raúl De Lamo


Movistar Plus+, Producciones del Barrio

International Sales:

Movistar Plus+

María Valenzuela:

Breton, the look of the devil
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