Poor Diablo

8 October, 2023
20:00 - 21:00
Sala 3. Palacio de Congresos
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Season 1
Chapter 1 and 2 – 44 minutes


Stan is the antichrist but he doesn’t like to do evil, he wants to be an actor. He has just turned 665 months old and his father, Satan, informs him that he will leave hell and move to New York to prepare for the apocalypse. A fiendishly funny proposal that premiered in the Official Animation Section (out of competition) at the Sitges Festival, and which features the voice of the remembered Verónica Forqué in her last performance for an audiovisual production.

Technical data

Creators: Miguel Esteban, Joaquín Reyes, Ernesto Sevilla.

Address: Miguel Esteban

Script: Miguel Esteban, Joaquín Reyes, Ernesto Sevilla, Helena Pozuelo

Music: Enrique Borrajeros

Executive Producer: Miguel Salvat, Antonio Trashorras, Ignacio Corrales, David Troncoso, Sonia Martínez.

Production: Buendía Estudios, Rokyn Animation

Distribution: Warner Bros. Discovery EMEA

Voices: Joaquín Reyes, Ernesto Sevilla, Ignatius Farray, Gakian, Stéphanie Magnin, Carlos Areces, Verónica Forqué, Manuel Huedo

548 Days: Captured by a sect
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