Los Galindos: the whole truth

9 October, 2023
19:15 - 20:15
Sala 4. Palacio de Congresos
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Season 1

Chapter 1


On July 22, 1975, five of the most cruel and inexplicable crimes in the black chronicle of Spain took place. Three humble workers of the Los Galindos farm in Seville and the wives of two of them were found dead in the most atrocious ways: some with their heads smashed in, another shot in the chest and the rest burned in a haystack. After the grim investigation in the early hours and despite the existence of suspects, no trial was held and the crime went unpunished.

Today, almost 50 years later, Juan Mateo Fernández de Córdova, son of the owners of the farmhouse, wants to do justice by revealing what happened on the day of the massacre, based on the testimony that two people of his own blood confessed to him.

The time has come to know the truth about the Los Galindos Crime.

Technical data

Director: Pepa Sánchez-Biezma

Screenplay: Marina G. Torrus

Investigative journalist: Almudena G. Páramo

Director of photography: Antonio Galisteo

Music: Osvaldo Montes

Art Director: Pilar Ángulo

Production Manager: Isidro Gómez

Editing: Raúl Terrer


Mediaset España and Fenix Media

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