The Murdochs: Empire of Influence

9 October, 2023
17:00 - 18:00
Sala 4. Palacio de Congresos
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Season 1
Chapter 1 – 42 minutes


The Murdoch: Empire of Influence tells the definitive story of the world’s most powerful media family. Featuring exclusive reporting from The New York Times, interviews with people who worked inside the Murdoch companies and decades of rich archival footage, this documentary series delves into the ins and outs of a media mogul’s improbable rise, his outsized political influence around the world and the brutal succession battle between his sons over who will inherit his throne. It is a story of high-stakes deals, political maneuvering and dynastic betrayals, and how one family’s ambitions gave birth to the largest conservative media empire in history and transformed the entire world.

Technical data

Address: Neha Shastry

Screenplay: Jonathan Mahler, Jim Rutenberg

Music: Justin Melland

Editors: Charles Divak, David Herr, Colin Cosack, Shilpi Gupta

Producers: Neha Shastry, Rachael Profiloski


CNN Original Series

International Sales


International Sales

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