The Immortal and In Search of Cortés, two outstanding advances in the South Series in Cádiz

The Immortal and In Search of Cortés, two outstanding advances in the South Series in Cádiz

Actor Álex García says that in the second season of his series “the characters show the passage of time and pain”.


Actor Itzan Escamilla (Élite) meets the grandfather he never knew, the great cinematographer Teo Escamilla, in a documentary series

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The South International Series Festival was today the setting for the presentation of previews of two Spanish series,
The Immortal
In Search of Cortés
. The first of these, currently in post-production, will premiere its long-awaited second season early next year.

This project, one of the big bets of Movistar Plus +, “is one of the series that worked best last year,” said Susana Herreras, executive producer of the platform, “there is thriller, drama, criminals, love, lots of action and very strong characters.

As commented by the creator and producer of the series, José Manuel Lorenzo,
The Immortal
was always inspired by reality, “by existing characters that I not only had the good fortune to meet, but to spend many, many hours with them”. However, he remarked that it is neither a documentary nor a biopic, but pure and simple fiction that is inspired by reality.

Alex García, the protagonist of this story, reprises in this second season the role of José Antonio Ortiz, the head of a drug gang that will start a fierce war with the aim of taking control of the drug business in Madrid. “Most of the characters show the passage of time and the pain,” said the protagonist, “everyone betrays José Antonio Ortiz, and the consequences will unfold in the second season.”

Teresa Riott, in the character of La Rubia, has fantasized about the possibility -improbable, but not impossible- of a third season. “We have lived through two seasons of male power, women’s power is starting to become visible and it would be a great time to see it now.”

The second advance of the day was made by the team of
In Search of Cortés
an Andalusian docuseries produced by Womack Studios. Led by its directors, Jacobo Escamilla and Antonio Cadenas, with the presence of its star, actor Itzan Escamilla, and executive producer Antonio Carreto, the team has been explaining how the project will be.

“Actually everything was born trying to realize the project that Teo left unfinished, a film about Hernán Cortés that was a project designed to his height”, Jacobo Escamilla began his speech. “It was an ambitious project that was difficult to undertake and was left in a drawer. Now we discovered that it could be interesting to recover it and take advantage of it to show the public how the audiovisual industry works”. In search of Cortés has completed its first phase of production, with filming in Seville and Madrid with the participation of Carlos Saura, Ana Belén and Pepón Nieto, among others. Through those who worked with the Sevillian cinematographer in his day, the series will build a profile of Teo Escamilla, master of cinematography in cinema.

The team has cited some of their favorite films from Teo Escamilla’s extensive filmography, from
Breeding Crows
Deprisa deprisa
. “I keep his way of making films,” said Itzan Escamilla, known for his work on the series Elite. “It’s the first time I get involved in something audiovisual that has nothing to do with acting. This is something familiar, it has to do with one’s roots, a look at grandfather and cinema from another perspective”. “It’s strange sometimes because he is my grandfather and at the same time a figure I know through his cinema and the memories of the rest,” the young actor added.

South International Series Festival is a private initiative sponsored by the Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deporte de la Junta de Andalucía, co-financed with European funds, Ayuntamiento de Cádiz, Diputación de Cádiz, and the participation of Mediaset España as main media sponsor. Also collaborating in this first edition are Movistar Plus+, Spain Film Commission, Fundación SGAE, Fundación Bancaria Unicaja and Canal Sur.

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